20% off ALL Dental Cleaning/Extractions 

PLUS … No charge dental x-rays ($180 value)

In an effort to show our local community our services, friendly staff, amazing doctors and newly upgraded hospital, for a limited time we are offering 20% off of our regular pricing for Dental Cleaning/Extractions as well as Dental x-rays at no additional cost.

Call (909) 597-1300 for a ‘Free Dental Exam‘ Appointment where we will examine your pets teeth and give you an official price. 

Sale price ranges from $789 to $1198 (Regular Pricing $1198 to $1498)

 Dental package includes the following:

  1. Bloodwork
  2. I/V Catheter with fluids
  3. Anesthesia
  4. Anti-Nausea Injection
  5. Dental X-rays
  6. Dental Cleaning (Ultrasound) WITH tooth extractions (as needed)
  7. Probing and Charting
  8. Pain Injection
  9. Antibiotic Injection
  10. Laser gum therapy
  11. Nail trim
  12. Medications to go home